Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

Lips are an essential part of our face which many times left overlooked.

Whether a girl or a boy, nobody likes dark lips because it decreases the core beauty of our appearance. If you have genetically inherited darker lips (if your overall complexion is dark too), then you cannot do much about it and you shouldn’t because I am not referring to skin tone.

I am, here, referring to those who have discolored lips due to excessive exposure to direct sunlight, an allergic reaction, a high caffeine intake, smoking, or any other possible cause for discoloration/darkening of lips.

If you lie in the category mentioned above, then I have something in the store for you. There are numerous ways to lighten dark lips, especially home remedies.

But in this article, I am sharing tips to prevent your lips getting darker which will eventually cure the root-cause of the problem, and you may not require any untidy remedy.

However, for those looking for instant results, I will be writing a separate article for home remedies to lighten dark lips.

As of now, let us understand what you should do to avoid getting your lips darker and keeping it pink and healthy forever since prevention has always been better than cure.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

drink plenty of water


I feel like this is somewhat universal tip for any and every problem related to health.

You might be tired of listening to me saying ‘Drink Plenty of Water’ in every single article. Well, water keeps our body hydrated which is very much essential to keep lips soft and glossy.

If your body is not getting the required amount of water, you will find your lips chapped which will over time turn into dark lips. So tip number one- Drink plenty of water.

2. Don’t let it Dry

Don’t let it Dry

With support to the first tip, dryness will cause darkness.

Lips are very delicate when it comes to dryness, and dryness will cause scarring which will eventually make it appear dark.

Use some moisturizing product to keep it soft and smooth. You can apply some glycerin before going to bed or any lip balm.

3. Decaffeinate Yourself

Decaffeinate Yourself

I had to have a large cup of coffee before I’m even remotely awake and it kind of breaks my heart to tell you that tea and coffee if taken in excess obviously, can turn your lips dark.

Not only lips, but hot caffeine also stains teeth, so take control on the aroma of coffee and keep its consumption low.

4. Sun Block

Sun Block

Well, luckily our lips don’t tan like our skin. However, they can burn due to excessive exposure to the sun.

Therefore, wearing a quality lip balm that contains sun blocking materials of at least SPF 20 is suggested. Girls can use lipsticks with UV protection while boys can use Maybelline Baby Lips Anti Oxidant which is transparent and will not leave any trace of color for a natural appearance.

5. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, then I have a bad news for you that smoking is not only injurious to health but can also darken your lips.

Nicotine in cigarettes plays a role in discoloration of lips. Besides, heat from cigarettes encourages the production of melanin pigment which darkens the lips.

6. No Lip Licking


Is it just me or the sub-heading sounds gross? Well aside from grossing factor, there is a definite drying factor.

Many a time, when our lips dry, we lick it to moisturize or hydrate it, but it actually backfires and causes more dryness.

Our saliva is made to digest food rather than moisturizing our lips. It gets quickly vaporized with air, and we end up licking it over and over which eventually dries out lip’s top layer, causing it to flake away.

7. Good Eating Habit

Good Eating Habit

Just like water, every problem is linked with eating habits as well. If you are prone to drier lips, avoid salty and spicy foods.

Salty foods irritate the lips and cause inflammation. Same goes for spicy foods. Instead, try bulking on non-citrus fruits and vegetables which helps to work body’s pH balance in favor of curing and preventing chapped lips.

Your lips might be extremely angry with you if you are not taking proper care of them. If you look after them, they will look after you, and you will look good.

These are some prevention measures that you should keep in your mind in order to keep your lips radiant, smooth and to avoid darkening.

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  1. Looking ahead to Try this. I’m Tired of Cutting the Upper layer of My Bottom Lip. How to avoid it ? Thanks For sharing this Awesome Article for Lips

    • Thanks for appreciation. If the problem you are telling about is due to dryness then the above mentioned tips will help but if you are talking about cutting your lip by biting it then the only solution is to change that habit. I hope this helps.


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