If you are dealing with stubborn pimples and searching for a cure, then you might have heard about Hamdard Safi.

Safi is known for more than half a century and is manufactured by trusted Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories in Delhi, India. According to the label information, it “corrects the digestive system, relieves constipation, prevents and cures boils, pimples, and skin eruptions.”

A few years back in 2005, it went through much criticism for containing high levels of heavy metal Arsenic, which was reported by Health Canada.

In this article, I will provide you a quick review covering its effectiveness, possible truth behind the controversies followed by my conclusion. I will try to answer all your questions while keeping it short and simple at the same time.

NOTE: This is an unbiased, information intended article and our information sources are the official authorities’ reports. We highly recommend you to consult a doctor before taking any such medication.

Does It Actually Work?Well, the question makes sense since the entire debate would be useless if Safi doesn’t do what it says.

So talking about its effectiveness, Safi is known for decades to treat skin ailments all around the world (well majorly in India and neighborhood countries but it emerged as a cure in some western countries as well). It is not only known for pimples; in fact, treating pimples is just a side effect. Safi was initially manufactured and sold as a blood purifier.

It detoxifies the blood and corrects digestive disorders. But due to its high demand as the cure for pimples, the manufacturer started to target youths with its effectiveness on skin ailments.

Regular use of Safi indeed gives a natural glow to the face and vanish skin problems including acne, pimples, and excess oil secretion from the skin.

The effectiveness though varies from person to person. Some show excellent results in just a week of use while others may take months for the same and few lie in the category of immunes. I have used this product on myself, and I lie in between the former two.

It did clear my skin in a month of consistent use. It not only prevented breakouts and get me rid of existing ones but also faded stubborn pimple marks. A glowing complexion was just complementary with it.

It didn’t help me much with digestion though. In fact, it started to make me feel bloated (as I suppose). When I consulted a doctor, he told me to stop taking it in a hit-and-trial method. After discontinuing it for a week, things got back to normal again including my pimples.

You need to consume it as long as you want to stay away from those ugly looking pimples. One thing is going to stay with you- blisters or Safi’s bitter taste.

Are Heavy Metals Present in SafiBased on a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in the year 2005, Health Canada reviewed and reported that Safi was found to contain arsenic level over 40 times the maximum allowable concentration of drugs.

Health Canada immediately banned the importation and selling of Hamdard Safi as western scientists say heavy metals pose a health risk because they accumulate in vital organs. Arsenic poisoning does affect the liver, bone marrow, cardiovascular system and central nervous system. Also exposure to heavy metals can cause reproductive dysfunction in women body. These heavy metals leads to abnormal changes in menstrual cycle sometimes, may also effect the female fertility.

According to the principles of Ayurvedic medication, heavy metals are used in the detoxified state in these medicinal products because of their reputed therapeutic properties.

Now discussing the depth of the JAMA study, the samples used for lab testing was not authorized to be sold in that region. So, there is a possibility of contamination, or maybe they were manufactured poorly in that area.

Moreover, Safi is a medicine in the Yunani medicine system, so there are chances that the reports were biased towards western medicinal ideology and promoted allopathy.

Just Theories! There is also no report publically available by any higher organization on the samples that are manufactured and authorized to sell in India. So we can neither conclude that there is an excess of arsenic levels present in Safi nor we can say that it is safe to use.

my opinion

I have already mentioned that I had used the product myself in the past. Although I had a few side effects, they were not any serious. So I am definitely not going to be entirely against it since the results were worth giving it a try.

Hamdard Safi is one of the most versatile Yunani products in India, and there is no report of any serious harm caused to anyone as of now, except upset stomachs to a few which is usual with any medicinal product, whether Ayurvedic or Allopathic.

But I’ll also like to mention that Health Canada is not a local authority and their reports cannot be neglected. Moreover, metal poisoning takes time to accumulate in vital organs. So, it is not possible to observe adverse symptoms in the present use, but it may appear in a later phase of life.

That being said, if you feel you should not take a chance with your vital organs for the sake of temporary beauty, do not buy it. You don’t need to disappoint yourself as pimples will disappear anyhow sooner or later, but your internal organs are going to stay with you until death.

There are also numerous treatments available, natural as well as medicinal with less possible risks.

On the other hand, if you are going to give it a try anyway, do use it as there are lakhs of people consuming it every day. However, try to use it in moderation and for a short period to be on the safer side.


  1. The simplest thing to do would be to test the Hamdard Safi available in India or ask Hamdard itself to provide the details of what goes into making Safi.

    • A brand like Hamdard will never provide results against themselves and no actual Indian authority tried to test an Indian manufactured bottle of Safi. So therfore, we have no proof to conclude anything unless some officials look into the matter. You have a point though!

  2. Best review I have ever read. I wish the Indian health authorities also start a study on this product and establish it’s safety because many people consume it and as you said, heavy metals do take time to show their adverse effects. What is beneficial now can later turn out to be very harmful.


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