(Get Clear Skin)

(Get Clear Skin)Now days, everyone stress too much to get a fair skin. If you already have a fair skin tone, you wish to get a few tones lighter. Well, let me tell you the harsh truth. Our skin color is determined by our genetic makeup and we just cannot mess with that without ending up in a complete mess. The more melanin your skin makes, the darker is your skin tone. You cannot change that and even if you can, you should not! Melanin pigment is what protect your skin from harmful UV radiations and prevent chances to develop lethal skin disease including cancer. So can you not look attractive with a darker skin tone? Who said that? Skin color is nothing to do with your attractive looks. You just need to flip the coin and stress on the right side. A clear, radiant skin can do wonders. Your skin is the first thing that anyone will notice in your body and if you have a glowing healthy skin, you are going to set a great impression. So enough of the lecture, lets jump straight to the actual content. To get a clear skin, you just need to change a few habits into the healthier ones and that will be enough to give you the desired results. So let us move to habits that you need to work on.

Habit #1: Keep Your Skin Hydrated.

(Hydrate your skin)Water is the elixir that you need to gulp on to get a glowing skin. If you are not drinking enough water that your body needs to work efficiently, then your skin will be the first organ to sacrifice its water requirement for the sake of healthy internal organs and a dry, lifeless skin never looks attractive to anyone. A dry skin will generate more dead skin cells which may and will end up clogging our precious sebaceous glands leading to pimple breakouts. So in order to have a spotless radiant skin and to keep Martians away from landing on your face, drink plenty of water.

Habit #2: Detoxify Your Skin.

(Lemon Water)Surprise! It’s water again, but this time water is just a medium or a solvent to be precise. It’s lemon water. Lemons are loaded with healthy benefits and specially, they are a great source of vitamin C. The antioxidants present in vitamin C do overtime to make your skin glow. They fight damage caused by free radicals, keeping your skin fresh and on the other hand, they also keeps the body producing collagens, essential in soothing out lines in the face (less wrinkles). Meanwhile, they will also help you shed those extra pounds. So, the next time life’s handing you lemon, cut it in half, squeeze it in a glass of water and drink on empty stomach in the mornings.

Habit #3: Eat Healthy.

(Eat Healthy)What you eat ultimately reflects on your face. Well, I am not talking about your teeth but the skin. Our diet is what provides us all the nutrients that our body requires to repair and build new cells. If you are not getting proper nutrition, your body is not going to work efficiently and you are not going to have a healthy skin as well. Eat fresh fruits, green vegetables, fibers, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and avoid junk foods, fast foods, processed packaged foods (I don’t feel like I need to mention to avoid alcohol and smoking. That’s obvious!).

Habit #4: Follow Good Hygiene for your face.

(Face Washing)In order to restrict bacterial growth and prevent infections, follow some good hygiene practice for your face.

  1. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle facewash. Once in the morning and the other before going to sleep. That also makes sure that you remove your makeup before going to sleep as your skin needs to breathe as well.
  2. Exploit your face once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells developed and to deep clean your pores.
  3. Have a good sleep to provide your body enough time to rest, repair and recover in order to have a fresh look on your face. No one likes puffy eyes.
  4. Use a quality moisturizer if you have a dry skin to keep it hydrated from the outside.
  5. Do not touch your face all the time. Do not pick, do not pop, do nothing to your face with your dirty hands. Just give it some space and let it live on its own. Be a secret admirer.

Habit #5: Stay Active!

(Stay Active)“An active body has an active soul.” And a fresh face as well. Get indulge in some kind of physical activity. Be it a gym membership or an oath to go for morning walks or Yoga. Exercising regularly not only improves our physical capabilities but also improves blood circulation throughout the body including face. While sweating during exercises helps in opening and cleansing of pores but do not forget to wash your face with water after the routine to remove excess oil.

Incorporate these healthy habits in your lifestyle and witness some noticeable changes in your skin. You are the creator of own our body.

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