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(3-Ways-To-Lose-Face-Fat)Do you want to reduce fat from your face? Well since you have landed here, you sure do! A double chin or chubby cheeks can make you self-conscious and uncomfortable in most situations. Well the good thing is that we have three scientifically proven ways to help you get rid of that stubborn facial fat. If it was fat on your belly or hips, you might have thought of hitting a gym, but it’s something on your face. You sure can’t lift dumbbells with your jaw or eyebrows. This is the reason why some people get easily tricked by click baits. You might have heard of chewing gums or some weird frog faced facial exercises that claim to get you a supermodel chiseled face. Even if you haven’t heard of them, let me tell you that it is completely stupid to even think of spot reduction. The concept of spot reduction is long gone, PERIOD! We just cannot get rid of fat from a specific part of our body- you can’t tell your body to use fat from face at priority. What you can do is to reduce overall body fat and with time, some of it will come from you cheeks and chin. Yeah! We are telling you to get rid of those extra pounds. (5 Most Common Weight Loss Myths) No! We are not going to suggest you some over-hyped pills or powder, as a short cut will never give you result on a long term and is not healthy for your body as well. So are we telling you to lose body fat and that’s it? Of course not, we will guide you to do the same. We are going to tell you three ways to achieve your goal and meanwhile it will also improve your physique. Here we go!

#1: Eat Good For a Good Looking Face.

(eat good)With the concept of spot reduction, the concept of starving on the name of diet is also gone. In order to reduce fat, you only need to substitute your diet with healthier options in a little calculated manner. A calorie deficit diet that involves eating fewer calories than you burn is the key. Though our body requires so many nutrients to work efficiently, let us divide it into three parts for the sake of simplicity: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Vitamins and Minerals. Is that four? Well vitamins and minerals fall under same category. Protein is particularly important when you are trying to lose fat because it helps you feel full at meals and discourages cheat eating; building and preserving muscles are actually more important functions of protein. Carbohydrates provides you the energy to perform overall daily activities; while vitamins and minerals maintain health of internal organs. To make it simpler to memorize and for easy proportion, fill half of your plate with healthy greens and fibrous vegetables such as kale, spinach, lettuce, green beans, broccoli to name a few in order to supply essential vitamins and minerals. Fill another quarter with whole grains, such as brown rice or whole grain chapatti (2 chapattis) to provide energy. The final quarter should contain protein from vegetarian (soybean, paneer, whey protein powder) or non-vegetarian (egg whites, chicken, fish or lean steak) sources. If you are having hunger craving in the meantime, bite an apple or have any other fresh fruit instead of eating junk or fast foods.

#2: Exercise Regularly.

(exercise regularly)Are we contradicting what we said? No, and no we are not talking about facial exercises. Though facial exercises may help you tone your face but they are not in the fat loss race. In order to reduce body fat percentage, you need to workout. Join a gym, or go for morning runs but do something to make your body burn that fat and by burning, I am addressing using fat as an energy source. You are not going to get rid of your stubborn fat if your body is in power saving mode. Focus on total body cardiovascular exercises such as burpees or sprinting that burns calories and reduce fat on the entire body including face.

#3: Restrictions For Temporary Happiness.

(water retention)This is the last and the least important tip. Yeah! You read that right as this tip is not going to help you lose the actual facial fat but can give an illusion to make it look slim. This tip is very popular and contradicts my few articles. In order to do the trick you only need to reduce water retention as a ballooning or bloated face can also result from water retention. Have you seen models on the cover page? Well they use this trick to look more shredded and flaunt a chiseled jaw line. They cut down on water and excess sodium to minimize water retention before photo-shoots; but they do not stay the same all month round because it is not healthy. So you should better keep it in mind as well.

Are you convinced yet? As chewing gums, puffing your cheeks and making surprised faces in the mirror won’t melt away face fat. The methods discussed above are the actual blueprint to get rid of chubby cheeks and double chin, and are scientifically proven and practiced everywhere.

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